Polynesian Dance

Polynesian Dance with Dahmia is a way to enhance your grace and poise, strengthen and tone your body.

Dahmia began with classes from Tahitian born, Hutia Tekurio Kaanapu, and also took classes for several years annually at the Polynesian Cultural Center in Laie on Oahu as well as classes twice a year in Indianapolis where master teachers were brought in from the Hawaiian Islands.  She was honored to be invited to be a part of the very first group to study Hawaiian dance and culture through the very traditional Kumu Hula Mapuana de Silva.  Unikied/graduated from this five year masters class August 2007. 

 Polynesian dance forms from Hawaii include Kahiko and Auana (ancient & modern) hula including various implements – Ili ili/lava stones, pu’ili/split bamboo sticks, kala’au/hard wood sticks, uli uli/feather gourds; Tahitian Aparima & Kapa (equivalent of Hawaiian hulas), Tamure/fast hip shaking, Otea-entrance; Samoan – using implements such as Lapa Lapa sticks and fans (means of flirting); New Zealand Maori-basic story dances & poi balls.

Dahmia has taught a variety of Polynesian  dance classes at various locations but through the City of Wickliffe since 1979.

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