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Private lessons

Private lessons will be tailored to the student desires to learn from basics to advanced dance but not limited to dance. Culture and language can also be included during the lesson which is why private lessons work well with individual goals and interests.

Length of Time: One hour
Cost: $50 + mileage if farther than 25 miles.

Semi-private Lessons

Semi-private lessons with 2-4 students with agreed upon goals.

Length of Time: One hour
Cost: $75 + mileage if farther than 25 miles.

Girls Night

A girls night can be up to 10 participants

Length of Time: 30 – 60 minutes (or as arranged)
Cost: $150

Traditional Luau Performance with Group Instruction

Dahmia offers a traditional luau performance with group instruction.
Hawaiian – Hula Kahiko (Ancient), Hula Auana/Modern and Hula with implement – pu’ili/split bamboo sticks, uli uli/feather gourds, ili ili/lava stones, ipu/gourd drum
Tahitian – Otea/entrance, Aparima/Kapa – telling story with hands, Tamure/fast hip shaking
Samoan – Lapa lapa sticks, fan/form of flirting
New Zealand Maori – Entrance/story telling/poi balls

Length of Time: 30-60 minute traditional luau show
Cost: $150 first dancer, $100 each additional dancer, $100 ukulele

**For Special Occasions, Dahmia will choreograph a hula to your favorite song – no additional charge but advance notice is required

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Please note:  There will be an additional charge for mileage farther than 25 miles.